Our Story

We are passionate about our kilishi and this is evident in our unique taste. Food prepared with love, care and attention always tastes divine. Yearning for the highest quality and most scrumptious kilishi, we set out to craft the finest meat (beef) snack. We have spent countless hours experimenting with various cuts of meat (beef) and different flavours in pursuits of this holy grail of a beef snack.
The result is lean slices of beef, mouthwatering flavours and only local ingredients (no nitrates, nitrites and preservatives) to create incomparable beef kilishi. Our unique taste will have you wanting more just for the taste of it.

Our passion for developing sublime, nutritious, and healthy natural foods (snacks) propelled us to launch yet another Nigerian favourite, MARIBEL COCONUT BLISS (COCONUT CANDY).

Our customers demanded a classic Nigerian candy from days of old that rekindled mouthwatering memories. After careful research and years perfecting the subtle blends of the various ingredients, we revived a golden oldie, coconut candy, and so MARIBEL COCONUT BLISS was born.

Our secret blend of ingredients with coconut as the star delivers a crunchy yet zesty taste that will fill your palate. The mystery of how the water gets into the coconut continues with the taste of Maribel Coconut Bliss.

By focusing on these areas, we will make sure that:
Henley & Ascot continues to offer each of our Team members a work environment where they can be satisfied and also be successful.
Likewise, when we take care of our Team, our Team will take care of our customers.

Our Mission

"With Dedicated People and Quality food, Our Goal is to serve you better"

Our Vision

Five C's of Henley & Ascot.

Caring Environment

We care about our Team, and treat all Team members with Dignity and Respect.

Competitive practices

By maintaining competitive business policies and practices through continuous review and improvement.

Career Development

By continuous training and personal development opportunities for our Team members, creating a momentum of success to ensure quality service to our customers.


Keeping our Team members aware of the corporate vision and their roles in reaching common goals to ensure customer satisfaction.


Giving back to our community is our number one goal.

Where To Buy

Our quality products (12 spices kilishi snacks and Maribel Coconut Bliss) are sold nationwide in Nigeria and in selected stores worldwide. However, if your local store does not currently stock our product, please ask the store manager to contact us.

Our Clients